When can I apply and access the offer?

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The offer will begin from the term after a child’s third birthday until they are offered a full time education place – aligning with the FPN provision. Term dates are defined as below, regardless of where school holidays fall.


If your child turns 3 years old between these dates, they will be eligible from the following term. Please see below:

From                                             To                                     Term for eligibility

1st January                                 31st March                       Summer Term 

1st April                                       31st August                     Autumn Term

1st September                            31st December               Spring Term 

Parents can take up the childcare offer at any point during this time period, so long as they are eligible to do so. Parents should be able to access the offer from whichever point they wish during that term, providing their child was eligible from the beginning of that term, or earlier. This includes parents who move into the area or gain employment.

Children will no longer be eligible to take-up the childcare offer from the point at which they are offered a full time education place by their local authority.

Parents are responsible for finding suitable childcare to meet their individual needs and to secure a provisional space with their chosen childcare provider.


These are the provisional dates for applying and will be confirmed nearer the times.  Please check with the Monmouthshire Childcare Offer Facebook Page for confirmation.  Please do not apply before the application date as applications will not be processed and you will have to complete the application form again. 


DOB from                     DOB to                        Eligible for Childcare                              Applications Open    Start School

01/01/2017                  31/03/2017                April 2020 - August 2021                           24/02/2020                September 2021

01/04/2017                  31/08/2017                Sept 2020 - August 2021                          08/06/2020                September 2021

01/09/2017                  31/12/2017                January 2021 - August 2022                     09/11/2020                September 2022


Before you apply, please make sure you have with you: 

  • Child's Birth certificate
  • Current Council Tax Payment Form 
  • Employed: Last three month's wage slips (for both parents) or letter from employer confirming maternity, paternity or sick leave. (If new in post with no wage slips, please send confirmation of employment from Employer.)
  • Self-Employed: self assessment form for previous financial year (or letter confirming self-employment if in first year.)
  • Exceptional Circumstances: Evidence of incapacity benefit, carers allowance, severe disablement allowance or employment and support allowance.