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Your Guide to Welsh Medium Education

Begin the bilingual journey With over 65,000 children in Welsh-medium or bilingual primary schools in Wales, why do parents consider the Welsh language important for their children?

By choosing Welsh-medium education, you’ll be giving your child an additional life skill — the ability to communicate in two languages, both spoken and written.


Rhag is an association which represents parents throughout Wales. The group includes both Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers; living in towns or rural areas. Rhag believes that bilingualism is one of the greatest gifts one can give a child, and that the ability to speak Welsh will help children develop confidence in themselves and in their culture.

Web address: http://www.rhag.net/

Raising Children Bilingually (TWF)

Twf Cymru provides advice and support for any family in Wales who wishes to raise their children bilingually.
Twf Cymru advise to start as soon as possible after the child is born. You can do a lot to help your child's language development at home, and if you've got family members, or friends who see your children regularly, who also speak Welsh, make sure you encourage them to use Welsh with your children all the time.
Visit the Twf Cymru website to find out:
What is bilingualism

Linkline to Welsh

The Link Line to Welsh does the following: translates up to 30 words, edits up to 75 words, translates menus of every kind, provides information on all aspects of Wales and the Welsh language, advises on place-names in Wales.
And all of the above is free of charge.
If your translation is more than 30 words then please visit our 'How do I commission translation?' page on the right hand side of the screen.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0845 6076070