Support for Prisoners' Families

Women in Prison

Women in Prison supports and campaigns for women affected by the Criminal Justice System (CJS). We assist women with advice on housing, education, mental health, legal rights, work, benefits, debt, domestic violence, and more.
Women in Prison give advice or direct you to other specialist agencies and organisations. They can help directly with employment, education and training advice and access to funding for educational courses & materials.

Prisoners Abroad

Prisoners Abroad is the only UK charity caring for the welfare of British prisoners held in foreign prisons.
Prisoners Abroad cares for the health and well-being of thousands of British citizens held overseas. They provide essential services such as:
vitamins and essential food
emergency medical care
water filters
freepost envelopes to keep in touch with home
books and magazines


Web address:

Phone: 0808 172 0098

Prison Reform Trust

The Prison Reform Trust (PRT) is an independent UK charity working to create a just, humane and effective penal system.
This is done by inquiring into the workings of the system; informing prisoners, staff and the wider public; and by influencing Parliament, government and officials towards reform.
The Prison Reform Trust's main objectives are:
reducing unnecessary imprisonment and promoting community solutions to crimeimproving treatment and conditions for prisoners and their familiespromoting equality and human rights in the justice system.

Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT)

Pact is a national charity which supports people affected by imprisonment.  They provide practical and emotional support to prisoners' children and families, and to prisoners themselves.
Working at a number of prisons across the UK, PACT support the families of prisoners, run family-friendly visitors' centres outside prisons, children's play services in prison visits halls, and many more services.
Advice includes frequently asked questions about prison visits, kinship care advice, families left behind and more.


Offenders' Families Helpline

Supporting the families of offenders.  Cal if you need support, advice or information.
On the Offenders Families Helpline website you will find lots of information for families who have come into contact with the Criminal Justice System as a result of a family member's offending behaviour.
The service understands it can be a difficult and often distressing time. They offer information and support from arrest through to release and beyond.


Web address:

Information Hub for Offenders' Families (i-Hop) for Professionals

i-HOP  provides a national one-stop information and advice service for all professionals working with children and families of offenders, including frontline staff from the criminal justice system, voluntary sector, education, health, housing and social care, as well as those responsible for strategic development and commissioning.
As a web-based knowledge hub, i-HOP brings together all the up-to-date resources to support professionals: research, support service details, practice examples, policy frameworks, events and training programmes.

Community Support for Offfenders' Families

The Community Support for Offenders’ Families service (CSOF) works across South Wales supporting professionals who work with children and parent/carers who have been adversely affected by imprisonment.
Not only are family relationships placed under considerable strain as a result of parental imprisonment, children can also be severely economically and socially disadvantaged as a consequence of a family member serving a prison sentence.

Children's Legal Centre

Free legal advice on English law and policy affecting children and families.
Children's Legal Centre provides free legal information, advice and representation to children, their families and carers, as well as international consultancy on child law and children's rights.
Helpline open Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm


Web address:

Phone: 0345 345 4345

Barnardo's Cymru Family Support at HMP & YOI Parc Prison, Bridgend

Barnardos Cymru Family Workers offer advice and support to children and their families visiting a parent or significant family member in HMP & YOI Parc Prison, Bridgend. 

Are you visiting a family member in HMP & YOI Parc? Barnardo’s Cymru Family Workers can support you at this difficult time. Based in the Susan Ellis Family Visitor Centre in Bridgend.  

Practical and Emotional support with the visiting process
Advice and guidance around parenting

Information about services you may find helpful in your local area