NHS Direct Wales

NHS Direct Wales is a confidential health advice and information service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staffed by Nurse Advisers and Health Information Specialists, the service is avalable via the 0845 46 47 telephone service, minicom service on 0845 606 4647 and the NHS Direct Wales website; http://www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.ukThe NHS Direct Wales Website includes services such as a health encyclopaedia, detailed health information, online enquiry service and more local services searches including the Health, Well-Being & Support Database. Information such as the telephone number of these groups can also be sent by text to a user's mobile phone.
NHS Direct Wales has even more symptom checkers.  You will be directed to the most appropriate treatment such as Phoning 99, Minor Injuries Unit, Visiting your GP, Seeing a Pharmacist, Phoning NHS Direct Wales for advice, Caring for yourself at home. 
Information includes Vomiting, Sunburn, Moles, Diarrhoea, Head Lice and Dental information.

Web address: www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk

Phone: 0845 46 47