Nannies on the Net

Nannies on the Net is a childcare recruitment agency specialising in finding jobs for all types of nannies, maternity nurses, nursery nurses and babysitters.
Based in South Wales, all nannies are either living or working in our area but are looking for jobs UK wide. For those nannies looking for a job in Wales and for families living in Wales, Nannies on the Net offer a specialist service and as well as being able to register on-line.
Please note that Monmouthshire Family Information Service does not endorse this website in any way but it merely providing you with further options.  We believe that every person caring for your child should be registered and undertaken appropriate training.  Although some childcarers on this site have completed  training and/or registered, not all have.  It is up to you as a parent/guardian to find out as much information as possible about the advertised person in order to ensure that they are suitable to look after your child.

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