Monmouthshire Families First

Family Support & Emotional Wellbeing Services for Children, Young People & Families


Monmouthshire Families First is made up of a number of services that aim to support children, young people and their families.

Families First services will work with your family to help you look at what is working well in your life, to decide what help you need for your family to thrive.


Who is it for?

Families First is available to all families who need help, regardless of where you live or how much you earn. 

What support is available?


A range of support is available through:


What are the principles of Families First?

The services provided through the programme should take account of the following guiding principles:

  • Family-focussed – services should look at the needs of your whole family rather than the needs of individual family members. 

  • Bespoke – services should be tailored to meet your family’s specific needs.

  • Empowering – services should empower your family to take control of your lives.

  • Integrated – agencies must work together to help you in a coordinated way.

  • Intensive – support should be a focused but also flexible enough to adapt to your families’ changing circumstances. 

  • Local – services should be designed to address the needs of your local community.

  • Pro-active – it is important your needs are identified as early as possible so support can be provided to you in a timely way. 

  • Sustainable – support should deal with the root cause of problems to enable your family to continue to make progress after support has ended.