Home Safety

The majority of accidents happen in the home.  It is why it is important to ensure that your home is safe for all your family especially for babies and young children.
Some dangers around the home:

  • Ensure that your child does not play with toys that are not suitable for their age, especially if the pieces are small enough to choke on. Unsafe toys can be very dangerous.  Check the label on any toys for your children.


  • Make sure that anything hot is kept out of reach, such as hot drinks and irons.  Keep heavy objects such as saucepans out of harms way too.  Make sure that all medicines and drugs are locked away well out of reach and your use of them is private to avoid your child copying you.


  • Certain rooms in the house, such as the kitchen, are naturually dangerous places for children.  Keep dangerous rooms out of bounds to young children or use safety devices such as cupboard locks, where possible. 


  • Inhaling cigarette smoke is bad for children’s health. Children will be affected by passive smoking and your smoking may encourage them to smoke when they are older.


  • Crawling and exploring are an essential part of their development - keep an eye on your young children, especially near wires and sockets.


  • Check whether your children are safe within the house and cannot easily undo chains on doors or locks on windows.

Find further information about how to keep your child safe in the home.
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