Gwent Health Visiting Service

What is a Health Visitor?
All Health Visitors are qualified nurses who have undergone further training in family and community health.  Health Visitors work in a variety of places; in the home, GP surgeries and Health Centres, to help meet the health needs of the whole family.  We have a professional responsibilty to maintain confidentiality and consent will be obtained if information needs to be shared.
How do Health Visitors work?
The health visiting service is provided to all parents before and after the birth of a baby.
It focuses on the promotion of health and well-being by providing support and information for families.
Health Visitors offer all children aged 0 - 5 years developmental checks and immunisations as part of the Child Health Core Programme.  These checks are important as they give you an opportunity to talk about you and your child and to tell us about any concerns.  The aim is to spot any problems as early as possible.
Health Visitors can work with individual families on specific issues such as toilet training, feeding and behaviour management.
Health Visitors also have links to other servies if specialist help is needed.
Health Visitors sometimes work with other people in setting up groups, roadshows, health displays and other community based projects.
Health Visitors can give or get up to date help and advice about various issues including:
Breastfeeding, feeding/weaning, growth and development, immunisations, sleep problems, safety, positive parenting, dietary advice for the whole family, baby blues/post natal depression, contraception, relationship problems, emotional/physical health and much more.
Other Services that your Health Visitor can link with:
GP, Practice Nurse, Midwife, Community Children Nursery Team, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Paediatrician, Audiologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Social Services, Ophthalmologist, Specialist Health Visitor and Nurses, School Health Nurse, Home Start, MIND, NCH, Relate, SNAP.

Find your local Health Visitor's contact details here.