Fresh Start Wales

Many people light up in their cars without thinking but second-hand smoke contains many deadly poisons. A Welsh Government campaign called Fresh Start Wales has been launched to help people understand what the dangers are to protect children from second-hand smoke in cars.

Fresh Start Wales – trying to
*Raise awareness of the harm second-hand smoke in cars causes to children in Wales
*Inform the Welsh population about the possible consequences of smoking in cars carrying children
*Fresh Start Wales wants to protect children from second-hand smoke in cars and encourage people not to smoke in cars

Here’s what you need to know:
*Smoking in cars is dangerous for children
*Exposing children to second hand smoke increases the risk of asthma, ear infections, respiratory disorders and other serious conditions including cot death and meningitis.
*Opening the window doesn’t help: The smoke and its toxins simply blow back into the car.
*It doesn’t matter if you only smoke when children aren’t in the car: The poisons in smoke stays long after you’ve put the cigarette out
*Smoking in cars creates a toxic environment which is harmful to children’s health; protect your children from it
*Children are more likely to become smokers if their parent or other family member smokes

So make a Fresh Start – for you and your children - and pledge to keep your car free from smoke.

Taking Action:
*If you support the campaign to reduce smoking in cars – or if you’re a smoker and would like to stop smoking in cars, sign up to the online pledge
*Sign the pledge or find more information on Facebook, visiting the website,  or you can follow on Twitter 
*For those ready to quit completely, free Fresh Start Wales packs are available with a range of tools and advice from

Web address:

Email: [email protected]