Early Years Educational Psychology Service

Working together to aid understanding and support for children with Additional Learning Needs, to enable them to enjoy and participate in play and learning experiences and help to prepare them for transition to school.


For children from birth to 5 years. 


Why get us involved?

Someone who knows your child well, for example a Health Visitor, a Paediatrician, a Portage worker or a member of staff at their early years setting, has some concerns about your child’s development.  They will have discussed this with you and gained your consent to discuss your child with us and request our involvement.

As Early Years Educational Psychologists we want to know about children with significant Additional Learning Needs, in order to allow for early intervention, support and to plan for their future educational needs.  

It may be that your child has complex medical needs, a sensory impairment, or significant developmental delays which are affecting how they play and learn.  By getting us involved as early as possible it helps us to work together with you, and other professionals, to support their development and prepare them for transition into educational settings.  

We offer consultation with regards to a range of issues.  This might include; understanding social communication & interaction, promoting positive behaviour & emotional development, supporting the development of early learning & play or social skills.


What to expect?

Once we receive a Request for Involvement, and if we agree that it would be beneficial to become involved with your child, we will make contact with you and/ or their early years setting to arrange a consultation visit.  This will usually involve an observation of your child, some assessment through play, and discussion with you and any other professionals.

This should lead to a greater understanding of your child’s needs, advice and recommendations to support the next steps in your child’s educational development.  


The Early Years Educational Psychologists are:

Morwenna Wagstaff

Tel: 07980 949024
Email: [email protected]

Julia Young
Tel: 07967 836609
Email: [email protected]

Educational Psychology Service, Innovation House, Wales 1 Business Park, Magor, NP26 3DG