Community Support for Offenders' Families

The Community Support for Offenders’ Families service (CSOF) works across South Wales supporting professionals who work with children and parent/carers who have been adversely affected by imprisonment.
Not only are family relationships placed under considerable strain as a result of parental imprisonment, children can also be severely economically and socially disadvantaged as a consequence of a family member serving a prison sentence.
CSOF can support professionals who undertake one to one work with children and families whose issues relate to having a family member in prison by:
Jointly undertaking one to one work, offering specialist advice and sharing a range of specific family friendly resources to build resilience.
CSOF also works to raise awareness of the impact of imprisonment on children and families by delivering: Hidden Sentence training, Hidden Sentence briefings and Practice Skills workshops for practitioners.


Email: [email protected]

Contact Name: Catherine Davies and Helen Steele

Phone: 01639 620771