Autism Spectrum Disorder and Language Delay Parent Group

This Incredible Years Parent Programme is offered to parents of young children who are age 3-7 years, are resident in Monmouthshire, already have a diagnosis of ASD, have a paediatrician and speech therapist involvement and for children who don't yet have a diagnosis but who are believed to present characteristic of ASD unrelated to environmental/ trauma factors.
All families wishing to attend will need to come through a referral system.  Spaces will be decided by the Referral Panel.  Referrals can be by anyone involved with the family.

If you successfully gain a place on the course , you will:
Be contacted by telephone by the group leaders
Receive a home visit to discuss your child and build a picture of your journey so far
Receive a letter confirming the start date and time
Have the opportunity to meet Group Leaders and the other group members in a coffee session prior to the course commencing.

The course aims to support parents and offer strategies and resources to promote their children's :
*Emotional regulation
*Social competence
*Language skills
*School readiness
*Relationships with others.
The Programme will be delivered by 2-3 facilitators who have been       previously trained in the Incredible Years Basic Programme.
The group will meet weekly although you can also receive additional     support via telephone/ home visit through the week if required.
What we expect from you:
*Bring yourself to each session
*Make every effort to attend all sessions
*Let us know if you cannot make it
*Relax, have fun and make new friends
You will be invited to attend the group for a total of 13 weeks (excluding half terms) at 12:45pm – 3pm.

Email: [email protected]

Contact Name: Patrica Lawrence

Phone: 01873 735014