POW Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness Classes available in Monmouthshire.


Each classes offers lots of knowledge on how to keep strong in the core and to protect the back, pelvic floor etc.  Each exercise is personalised to the clients level and medical history and is very relaxed.


Free childcare available at the classes - The Baby Whisperer. although unqualified, has 42 years experience caring for children and has a full, recent DBS check.  She stays in the same room as the class, and Mums can care for their babies as much or as little as they need to.


The First 1000 days

The first 1000 days, during pregnancy and up to a child’s second birthday, represent a critical part of childhood when we form attachments to our caregivers, learn how to safely explore and trust the world around us, and start to communicate. It is when we see the most rapid phase of brain growth and development and where the foundations are laid down for our future health and wellbeing.