Watch, Wait and Wonder

Watch, Wait and Wonder is a therapeutic approach which looks at the concerns you have relating to your child through play. This takes place in a comfortable room and allows us to explore and understand the difficulties from both your and your child's perspective.
At the first clinic visit, there will be an assessment to decide if Watch, Wait and Wonder is suitable for you and your child.
The sessions will take place at the same time each week and up to a maximum of ten sessions will be offered.
What happens in the sessions?
For a short period the therapist observes you and your child playing together.
This is then followed by a discussion where both you and the therapist think about what has happened during the play to try and understand more about the difficulties you and your child are  experiencing.
The sessions will last up to 45 minutes.
Who can refer you?
Any health professional who has knowledge of your concerns can refer you following full discussion and obtaining your consent.
These professionals may have visited you at your home or seen you at your GP surgery.
They might be your Midwife, Health Visitor, Flying Start team or your General Practitioner.
What happens following the referral?
You will be contacted by a member of the WWW team for an initial visit to assess if this approach is appropriate for you and your child's needs.
If so, you will then be invited to attend up to 10 sessions of 45 minutes per week at a premises near to you. The WWW approach will be used to work through your particular issues.
On completion of your sessions the professional who originally referred you will be informed of the outcome of the work, and the progress you have made during the sessions.
What age does your child need to be for Watch, Wait and Wonder?
Children from 4 months—2 years will be suitable for the WWW. A comfortable child friendly environment will be offered to and your child during the session.

Contact Name: Julie Wallace

Tel: 01873 735430