Take 3 Parenting Programme - Challenging Teenagers

The Take 3 Programme is a parenting course in two parts for parents of young people aged between 10 and 18:
Part 1 – a basic course consisting of ten 'core' sessions Part 2 – ten extra 'pick and mix' sessions focusing on specific issues which can be added to the basic course. You will be invited to attend the group for 2 hours each week, for a total of 10 - 12 weeks in a supportive and friendly environment.
Take 3 has two main aims:
- to improve relationships between young people and their families; and to improve young people's behaviour at home, at school and in the wider community.
To this end, the objectives of the course are to equip parents with skills and strategies to:
nurture their young people by encouraging them and listening to them;
provide appropriate structure and boundaries for their young people;
take care of themselves so that they have more energy for their job of parenting and can also model self-care to their young people.
Young people behave better when they feel understood; when they have parents who are able to set authoritative boundaries; and when their parents value themselves.
The group is run by professionals who have been trained to deliver the Take 3 Programme. You met in a confidential, safe environment. As part of the group, you will discuss the following topics:
Encouraging Young People
The power of listening
Misbehaviour and listening
The four styles of parenting
Negotiation, boundaries and consequences.
Staff are also able to offer support, advice and information on other related topics: role of a parent, being assertive, managing anger, sexual health, drugs and alcohol, sibling rivalry, joined up famlies, anti-social behaviour and offending.
Telephone: 01873 735430
Email: [email protected]