Share Aware - Keeping Children Safe Online

We know some parents feel confused by the internet – out of their depth, and out of control. Share Aware – the NSPCC campaign for parents of children aged 8-12 – will help to reassure you, and give you everything you need to keep your children safe.

The NSPCC have got straightforward, no-nonsense advice that will untangle the web, and show you how you can be just as great a parent online, as you are the rest of the time. The internet is a great place for children to be. Being Share Aware makes it safer.

Sites and apps have safety features to help children keep in control – with or without your help.

These include things like privacy settings, or ways to block other users or content that they find upsetting. There are also ways to report anything upsetting to the people who run the sites.

Look out for these features, and teach your child to look for them too. It will help them to develop their own digital judgment skills and know how to get help if they need it.

Download the Share Aware Guide below 


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