What will PaCE Offer?
• PaCE will help parents/guardians not in employment into training and employment.
• PaCE will help find and fund solutions to overcome childcare barriers to enable parents/guardians to prepare for and access employment opportunities.
• Parent Employment Advisers will engage with parents on a voluntary basis to establish realistic and achievable goals.
• Parents will receive individualised help via their Parent Employment Adviser in their local community.
• They will help to improve skills, tackle low confidence/self esteem, and move parents/guardians closer to sustainable employment.

Who can PaCE help?

• Parents aged 25 and over not in employment.
• Young parents (16-24) not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).
What barriers do parents face?
Advisers will discuss with the parent/guardian and identify their barriers. Potential barriers to sustaining employment may include:
- breakdown of childcare
- lack of training opportunities
- costs
- locality/travel.
PaCE advisors can help remove childcare barries:
Advisers will:
• Offer one to one support in family friendly locations, supporting your search for training and employment.
• Help with "Better Off" in work calculations
• Offer Self-Employment advice and guidance
• Support pre employment childcare costs
• Advise on registered childcare provisions and costs available locally.
Support for childcare is available so that parents can:
• Work voluntary
• Attend Work Trials/Work Experience
• Attend training courses to update skills.


Email / E-bost : [email protected]

Contact Name: Christine Postle

Phone: 07342 072870