Monmouthshire Housing Association

Monmouthshire Housing Association (MHA) Ltd received the housing stock of Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) through a large scale voluntary transfer. The Association is a new Industrial and Provident Society (IPS), managed by a voluntary board and an executive management team.
MHA's main purpose is to provide and manage affordable homes in Monmouthshire for people who need them and to ensure all those homes are improved to meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2012 and then maintained at that standard. The Association manages and maintains around 3,600 homes and 290 leasehold properties, as well as large numbers of garages and other land around and within our estates.
Services include:
Maintenance and Repairs to your home if you are a MHA tenant
Home Adaptations
Anti-social behaviour monitoring
Community Events
Welfare Reform support
Money Wise Service
Work and Skills Wise 
Job Seeking Skills Programme
Computers in the Community
For information, call Monmouthshire Housing Association on 0345 6772277.

Web address:

Phone: 0345 6772277