MEND - Is your Child a Healthy Weight?

MEND have helped 35,000 families get fitter, healthier and happier.
Is Your child a healthy weight?  Lots of parents don't realise their child is overweight - but 1 in 3 kids are (that's 10 in every class).  Check if your child is a healthy weight here or call the MEND team.
Mind:  We help you think about your family's daily habits and find easy ways to make them healthier.
Exercise: But not as you know it! Kids play fun, active games and we show you how to fit more activity into everyday life.
Nutrition: Discover things you never knew about food - it's amazing how small changes can make a big difference.
...Do It! Even when you know what's good for you, doing it is the hard bit.  We'll support you to make healthy changes that life a life time.
Join MEND today, where 35,000 other families have got fitter, healthier and happier for free.
Because of the way MEND are funded, they can only offer MEND places to children above a healthy weight.

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