HiWay - Mind Monmouthshire

HiWay is a Community Outreach project.  HiWay concentrates on supporting people to manage their mental health problems and stress by ceoming more occupied and involved in their local communities.
HiWay works with people on their own goals over a set period of time.  This may be for a number of weeks of months, depending on what goals are set.
Hiway can work with you to:
Develop your self-coinfidence
Meet new people
Do something that you enjoy, access training and education
Develop your working skills, to progress to voluntary or paid work
Develop your communication skills
Reach your full potential
Achieve physical and mental wellbeing
HiWay's courses aim to raise awareness of mental health whilst providing participants with the right tools and techniques to manage mental health problems.
Training courses available including:

Understanding anger, anxiety management, cofidence building, depression management, problem solving, improving your wellbeing, understanding mood, communication.
How's Your Mood?
Dealing with Stress? Living with low mood?
Stress shows itself in a range of ways.  The most common form of stress is a mix of anxiety and depression.  You might find that you only feel anxious or depressed by never both.  It is more common to find both around at the same time.  We can add into this mix other things such as panic, anger, tension, worry, low self-esteem, sleep and drink problems.  HiWay may be able to support you with this?

Web address: www.mindmonmouthshire.org.uk

Email: [email protected]

Phone / Rhif Ffon : 01873 858275