Dads Can

Dads Can is an on the ground project for young men between the ages of 14 and 25 who live in Monmouthshire and who are dads, expectant dads or are fulfilling the dad role (Grand-dads, 'step-dads', foster dads, mum's partner, older brother etc).   Dads Can aim to raise the understanding of young dads' and those around them of the important role fathers play in their children's lives – regardless of age, experience or situation.   Dads Can provide activities for dads and for dads with their children; training and courses to improve employment prospects or life skills; financial advice; personal development opportunities; a network of support; a place to be heard; a way for their experiences to make a difference.  


Fatherhood offers opportunities not just obstacles, and the project aims to work with young dads in order for them to realise the opportunities, while encouraging them to overcome the obstacles.   There are opportunities for dads who are 26 years or over and live in Monmouthshire to volunteer with Dads Can and to share their experiences in a positive way.


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Phone number: 01495 761115