Children's Services

A wide range of services is available to help children and families who are having problems.
The contact details for Children’s Services, based in the Social Services Directorate, are:
Family Support Team Duty Desk (Referrals and Assessment): 01291 635669
Email: [email protected]
Children & Young People's Support Team: 01873 735922
Placement and Support Team: 01873 735945
Children's Disability Team: 01291 636352
Children's Services work closely with other local authority departments and agencies such as GPs, health visitors, schools, the probation service, the housing service and voluntary groups.  Children's Services, however, will always ask your consent before speaking to other agencies about you.
Once you have made contact, you will be visited to carry out an assessment if appropriate to do so  . A list of priorities has been produced to help us manage the services properly. You will receive services according to which priority area you fall into. This means those who are most in need receive help before those whose need is less.
Children's Services offer a wide range of services to help children and families who are having problems.
The main aims are:
To offer support to children and their families to help them through difficult periods in their lives.
For children to remain with their families wherever possible.  When children need care or protection, however, which cannot be given by a parent, it may be considered to support children in another family
To work with you to plan better services
Children’s Referral and Assessment Team: Telephone: 01291 635669
Children and Families Support Team: Telephone: 01291 635692
Emergency out of hours service: Telephone: 0800 328 4432