Frequently Asked Questions

The Family Information Service and Early Years and Childcare Section finds itself answering the same sorts of questions to parents in Monmouthshire. In order to help you out, we've put together a handy answer sheet to our frequently asked questions.
1)  How do I apply to my local School Nursery?
A nursery application form can be obtained from the local school or from the School and Student Access Unit at Innovation House, Magor ([email protected] / 01633 644508)
2) When should I submit an application form for my child’s School Nursery place?
 Closing dates for September nursery admissions are at the end of every January before that September.  Closing dates for January and April intakes are the end of each previous October.  It is rare that there are waiting lists for any of our School Nurseries so you do not need to apply more than a year in advance of the intake. More information is available here.
 Please note: We do not issue nursery places on a first come first served basis.  Application forms will not be processed until after each closing date.  Confirmation to parents will not be given until the summer term (September intake), November (January intake) and February (April intake).
3)  When will my child be eligible for Early Education Funding?
Every child is eligible for Early Education funding the term following their 3rd birthday.  The start of each term dates is January 1st, April 1st and September 1st regardless of when holidays start and end.  The funding available is £6.50 per session, up to 5 sessions a week (2 - 2 ½ hours per day up to 12 ½  hours per week ) and each session must be on a different day.  The funding is only available at one of Monmouthshire’s approved playgroups or nurseries.  Details of these early education providers can be found here.
Please note: You may hear Early Education funding referred to as nursery vouchers, pre-school funding, 3 year old childcare etc.   This is all the same funding and in Monmouthshire, the correct definition is Early Education funding.  It exists to provide education to three and four year olds before starting school and is for the educational element only and not for childcare. 
4) I hear a lot about 15/30 hours free early education or childcare and about free entitlement for two and three year olds but can't seem to find any information: 
The 15 or 30 hours you may have heard about, as well as the free childcare entitlement for two year olds, are England only initiatives and are not applicable in Wales.   In Wales, we provide the Early Education funding for children the term following their third birthday.  Flying Start, in some areas of Monmouthshire, provide childcare for two year olds (as well as other support) but this depends on your postcode.  To find out if you are eligible, contact Flying Start on 01873 856162,  
5)  How do I become a registered childminder?
Read our 10 step guide to becoming a childminder here. 
6)  Can I receive any help towards Childcare costs?
 Monmouthshire County Council do not provide any support towards childcare, however, there is support available for Early Education funding and Flying Start Childcare if you live in an eligible area.   
7) How do I know if my Childcare Provider is registered?
A Childcare Provider must be registered with Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) if they look after children under the age of 8 and plan to operate for more than two hours a day.  If your Childcare Provider is registered with CSSIW, they will have a CSSIW Registration Number which they should be able to give you.  Your Childcare Provider must be registered with CSSIW if you wish to claim the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit.
8) What should I check for when looking for childcare?
Read our guide to choosing the most suitable childcare for your child here. 
9) How do I find Childcare in my area: 
This website has a comprehensive list of childcare, activities and family services throughout the county. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or ring 01633 644527 during office hours.
10) I don't live in Monmouthshire, how can I access childcare information for my area?
Every Local Authority has a Family Information Service.  You can find contact details and web addresses here.
11) What do I do if I want a Childcare Provider to work in my home?
You may be able to find someone suitable by looking in our Nannies, Babysitters and Au Pairs section.