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Give your child a flying start!
Flying Start can be contacted on 01873 856162 or by emailing [email protected]
Living in a Flying Start area entitles your child and family to visits from the Flying Start Health Team who are there to offer support and guidance. The Health Team will be based close to your home and are happy to provide home visits.
The Health Teams include a Flying Start Health Visitor and Flying Start Community Nursery Nurses.
The team will offer support and guidance in many ways including Antenatal Care, Breast Feeding Support, Postnatal Care, Immunisations, Nutrition, Baby Health Checks, Sleep Routines, Dental Health Advice, Behaviour Management, Home Safety Visits, Baby Massage, Speech and Language Support, Childhood Illness, Skin Care.
Living in a Flying Start area entitles your child to a childcare place which will be funded by Monmouthshire Flying Start. Childcare can be accessed from the term following your child's second birthday to the end of the term after their third birthday; OR until they start nursery education, whichever is the sooner.
The childcare will be delivered by an approved Flying Start provider within walking distance of your home. All these settings meet high quality standards set by Flying Start and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales. Staff in the settings will be supported by an experienced Early Years teacher who will ensure that the high quality of childcare is maintained.
You will be able to access Flying Start provided your address has one of the following postcodes:

NP7 6BT .    NP7 6BB .    NP7 6BD .   NP7 6BA .     NP7 6AP .    NP7 6AX .    

NP7 6AQ .   NP7 6AU .    NP7 6PH .   NP7 6PL .    NP7 6PN .    NP7 6AZ

NP7 6DL .    NP7 6BP .    NP7 6AJ .    NP7 6DA .     NP7 6BY .     NP7 6BG

NP7 6BH .   NP7 6BL .    NP7 6BN .    NP7 7RS .    NP7 6HR .    NP7 6AS

NP7 6HP .   NP7 6AY .    NP7 6AT .    NP7 6BS .     NP7 6DW .    NP7 6BW

NP7 6DY .   NP7 6EA .    NP7 6EB .   NP7 6ED .     NP7 6EL .     NP7 6EN

NP7 6ER .   NP7 6BU .    NP7 6DB .   NP7 6DD .    NP7 6DE .    NP7 6HL

NP7 6HN .    NP7 6HN .    NP7 6HD .    NP7 6HE .    NP7 6HF .    NP7 6HG

NP7 6PP .    NP7 6HW .    NP7 6HS .    NP7 6EY .    NP7 6EU .    NP7 6HA

NP7 6BE .    NP7 6DF .    NP7 6DG .    NP7 6DP .    NP7 6DH .    NP7 6DT

NP7 6DN .    NP7 6DU .    NP7 6DR .    NP7 6EH .    NP7 6EE .    NP7 6EG


NP25 5UA .     NP25 5AN .     NP25 5AW .     NP25 5AX .     NP25 5EL .     NP25 5EF

NP25 5EG .    NP25 5EH .    NP25 5UG .     NP25 5EY .    NP25 5EZ .    NP25 5UD

NP25 5TR .    NP25 5UF .    NP25 5EB .    NP25 5EA .    NP25 5UE .    NP25 5UB

NP25 5EW .    NP25 5AY .    NP25 5UH .    NP25 5TQ .    NP25 5BD .    NP25 5TS

NP25 5TN .    NP25 5UJ
NP26 4GU .    NP26 4JU .    NP26 4JN .    NP26 4JW .    NP26 4LB .    NP26 4JY

NP26 4AE .    NP26 5LS .    NP26 5GA .    NP26 5LT .    NP26 5GB .    NP26 4DZ

NP26 4EA .    NP26 4ED .    NP26 4EB
NP16 5AR .    NP16 5QR .    NP16 5QS .    NP16 5QL .    NP16 5QP .    NP16 5NY

NP16 5AA .    NP16 5NS .    NP16 5NT .    NP16 5NX .    NP16 5TP
The Childcare will be provided at:
Butterflies Playgroup, Deri View Primary School, Abergavenny

Tiny Tots Playgroup, Deri View Primary School, Abergavenny

Cylch Meithrin Y Fenni, Ysgol Y Fenni, Abergavenny

Wiggles and Giggles Playgroup, Overmonnow Primary School, Monmouth

Ty Gwyn Playgroup, Kymin View Primary School, Monmouth

Caldi-tots Playgroup, West End Flying Centre, Caldicot

Pont Hafren Playgroup, Thornwell Primary School, Chepstow
Before your child begins playgroup, you will have the opportunity to meet the staff at your home with your child and also at the group. We hope this will help your child to settle easily. We will provide an "All about me" booklet for you to fill in. This will help us to understand your child and to be aware of your child's likes, dislikes and interests. The playgroups will be able to offer up to twelve and a half hours each week over five days. They will remain open for 42 weeks of the year.
Flying Start also offers parenting support and parenting courses including the Incredible Years programme for babies and toddlers. In each Flying Start area, we offer language and play sessions for parents and children together (LAP). These sessions include activities to help develop your child's language skills. The sessions include cookery, music, singing, stories, craft and out and about activities.
For more information regarding Flying Start or any baby or breast feeding groups that are run through Flying Start, please contact:

Flying Start, The Acorn Centre, Deri View Primary School, Llwynu Lane, Abergavenny, NP7 6AR.

Tel: 01873 856162/ Mobile: 07810 055815

E-mail: [email protected]

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